DM Sims & Associates is located in Southern California and provides
Vocational Consulting services and Vocational Evaluation Reports 

matters for wage earning capacity.   

Our mission is to provide excellent services to all parties involved in the divorce or separation; 
attorneys, paralegals, administrative assistants, and the person being evaluated
(spouse, ex-spouse, mother/father of child, or significant other.)  

The goal of DM Sims & Associates is to provide exceptional vocational counseling
services for dissolution cases.  The information contained in the report specifically
addresses the California Family Law Code 4331; job opportunities available,
wage or income potential, and a thorough concise report.  
Issues which may be taken into consideration include:  the clients education, work history,
computer skills, medical or physical limitations (if any), return to work goals, job search efforts.  

The interview includes an in-depth assessment of the person being evaluated
and vocational research of the labor market utilizing the most current information 
and resources available to obtain wage earning capacity and employment
opportunities in a specific geographic location.       
Deirdre Sims, Vocational Counselor
Please contact the Office Manager: or e-mail: 

Carlsbad, California  
Telephone:  (760) 438-9688